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Weedy Seadragon Monitoring Program
We continue to work on this program with the University of Technology, Sydney, Underwater Research Group and Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS). We help to develop the Sydney citizen science program, participate in ongoing monitoring and review results and success. We are now supporting a refined program for ongoing monitoring including new sites interstate.
Seadragon Research (UTS)
Dragons of Sydney (URG)
Dragons of Sydney Flickr album
News item in Daily Telegraph 
Fish Ecology Lab / URG Report
Vimeo of Pilot Project

Reef Life Survey
We have been involved in the Reef Life Survey program for several years now, conducting surveys in Sydney, Jervis Bay, Lord Howe Island and Ningaloo. We coordinate the annual Sydney and Jervis Bay intensives, involving teams of citizen science divers over several days. We have grown the Sydney team to a dozen members. 
Reef Life Survey
News item in the Daily Telegraph
Vimeo of Ningaloo Surveys
Vimeo of Long Reef RLS

Crayweed Restoration
UNSW is working alongside volunteers to bring crayweed (Phyllospora comosa) back to Sydney's waters. We have supported this project by in-field activities, particularly taking photographs of crayweed and scientists in-situ. Our photo galleries have been used in a number of articles and materials including this recent coverage on ABC.
See Operation Crayweed
Underwater Research Group of NSW
We work with the Underwater Research Group of NSW across a range of activities, including sourcing and planning new citizen science projects, work on the committee and of course in the field. URG has a long history of marine citizen science, spanning back to the 1950s - way before our time.
URG web site
URG Marine Debris Cleanup at Gordon's Bay (Vimeo)
National Parks Association of NSW (Marine)
We support NPA NSW through volunteer activities, focusing on marine conservation and science. This includes writing articles for Nature NSW, contributing photographs and stories for campaigns and participation on the Marine Working Group and Executive Committee. In recent years we have run rock platform nature walks for NPA members.
Marine Park for Sydney
Video by yogafornature using Marine Explorer's underwater vision
ABC 730 Report segment on marine parks
Climate Change and Marine Life
Our oceans are already suffering the effects of climate change, through warming sea surface temperatures, increasing acidification and increased severity and incidence of storms. We have written a number of articles, including a series that is being published in the Australian Marine Conservation Society's Turning the Tide publication.
Sea Slug Census
Sea slugs (nudibranches) are an excellent indicator of the impacts of climate change. The Sea Slug Census has been going for several years in the Port Stephens area. In 2015, we worked with the founders of the program to bring it to Sydney.
Huffington Post article
CHUG Sea Slug Census
URG Sea Slug Census

Public Speaking and Lecturing
Underwater Survey Methods, Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre 2016. Presentation of citizen science for the marine environment, survey methods, marine species identification then a field survey at The Haven.

Citizen Science Through the Decades
Lecture as part of the Sydney Science Festival, at SIMS. Starting with the early days of marine science and dive clubs in Sydney, for example Underwater Research Group and the Australian Museum, through to the present day.

Marine Life of Sydney, NPA Forum 2014. Presentation with Inke Falkner from SIMS, covering the unique and diverse marine life that calls Sydney home.