Marine Life of Sydney

Online course suitable for anyone, whether you dive, snorkel, or just love nature

Aims of the Course:
  • Learn to recognise and identify the unique marine creatures of Sydney and central NSW. 
  • Understand habitats, behaviours, ecology, human impacts and more.
  • Enhance your ocean and harbour experiences through a deeper understanding of our marine life.

  1. Sydney's Underwater Environment and Habitats
  2. Megafauna and Protected Species
  3. Reef Fishes
  4. Reef Invertebrates
  5. Seagrass and Soft Sediments
  6. The Intertidal Zone
  7. Artificial Structures
  8. Marine Conservation

Each module takes around one hour to complete and includes online learning, reference materials and a quiz. The course includes over 250 slides, more than 500 photographs and 50 videos to showcase the marine creatures of central NSW. It also includes suggestions for activities including field surveys and photographing marine animals. The course has been certified by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and is founded on hundreds of hours of observation in Sydney's waters.

You can start the course at any time, do the course at your own pace and review materials as often as you like in the eight week period. The online price is just $99; this includes electronic copies of all the slides for you to keep, and a Certificate of Completion.

To register, or to ask anything about the course or the options above, email me

Underwater Photography Course


As a surfer, snorkeler and someone that has loved the ocean all their life it has been great to learn more about the life around Sydney's coastline - Glenn

Very informative - great to learn a few new things and great that it's 100% online so you can do it when it suits you - Kris

I signed up for this afternoon, have done 2 modules already and I'm addicted! Great work. Very concise and interesting. When I finish I'll want another... - Denise

I received the course over the weekend :) fantastic! - Darcie

Every Sydneysider should take this course! It's a chance to fully appreciate what it is we have on our doorstep. I've learnt more from John's course than a 13 week subject at university. The course is a chance to be in awe of the bizarreness and beauty of our marine life below. Thanks John - Yolana

I did John's course and found the combination of the content, wonderful underwater photography and John's communication skills both educational and engrossing. So much so that I facilitated the course for 14 more people through U3A (University of the Third Age) - and they all loved it too - Helen