Inspire People

Our oceans cover over 70% of the earth's surface. The volume of the ocean is over ten times that of our habitable atmosphere, and our oceans contain an estimated one million distinct species. At present only around one third of these are known to science. In Australia, scientists estimate we have identified only 20% of marine species.

Marine Explorer aims to inspire people by sharing some of what we know about this amazing underwater world. Our photographs, videos and articles are all drawn from first-hand experience, typically using SCUBA gear, to make the life in our oceans accessible to a wider audience.


We take photos every time we dive. Our photo gear is nothing fancy; a compact camera in a waterproof housing and a single strobe is enough to bring the ocean to life. Many of our photos are published on groups on social media, and in the Encyclopedia of Life. Of course we welcome photo contributions from others, particularly through our discussion forum and Facebook page.


We like to take photos of still subjects and take videos of moving subjects (like sharks, fish and the occasional diver). Our videos are designed to show the beauty of our oceans from under the waves; it's much more fascinating than looking at them from above. Once again nothing fancy - our compact camera also serves as our video camera, with the addition of a video light and lots of memory.


We try to write at least one article per month on a topic of interest. Topics cover marine science, biology, diving and conservation. Our articles are published in dive club magazines as well as on this site.

Little pied cormorant - Phalacrocorax melanoleucos