Engage Communities

At Marine Explorer, we aim to share our fascination and passion for our underwater world with as many people as possible. All of our presentations, workshops and other community activities are run on a volunteer basis.

We offer a range of interactive presentations and workshops intended to engage audiences. Our presentations are tailored to our audience, covering diverse topics such as

  • fish, sharks and rays,
  • marine invertebrates,
  • whales and dolphins,
  • sea grasses, algae and plankton,
  • marine pollution, climate change and ocean acidification,
  • scientific survey methods and low impact diving.


Our informal association with various dive shops, boat drivers and clubs allows us to help arrange field activities in NSW. Participants can deal directly with the commercial provider, whilst we are happy to share our knowledge and assist where we can.

We are also involved in preparing submissions for environmental conservation funding and project management.We are currently involved in submissions to the Environmental Trust and Caring for our Country, and are completing programs with Underwater Volunteers NSW at the Underwater Research Group (URG).


 Phil and the catfish ball

Silver sweetlips (Diagramma picta) under the jetty